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General provisions

The vaccine is made of the extraembryonic liquid and homogenate of carcasses of SPF-embryos, infected with the IBD virus (st. BG), inactivated with formaldehyde in a mix with an oil adjuvant Montanide ISA 70VG. The vaccine represents a homogeneous emulsion of white (light-pink or light-brown) color. At storageinsignificant stratification of an emulsion in the top part of the vial which uniformity is restored at agitation. 

√The vaccine is packaged on 100, 250, 450 and 500 (200–2500 vaccine doses) in glass or plastic vials.

Vaccine is inducing the immune answer of birds to the IBD 28 days after immunization which remains no less than 12 months. The vaccine is innoxious, areactogenic, possesses no therapeutic properties.

It is forbidden to vaccinate clinically sick and/or weakened birds.Birds at the age of 90–120 days are subject to vaccination, but not later than 1 monthprior to the beginning of the egg-laying. The vaccine is admini stered once in the volume of 0,5 cm3hypodermically into a middle third of a neck or intramuscularly in area of a pectoral muscle with observance of rules of an asepsis.

The revaccination of hens of parental herds more senior than 7 months is allowed according to indications. Before use the vaccine is maintained by 3–4 hours at a temperature from +18 to +20°C. Beforeapplication and during immunization the vials with a vaccine periodically is stirred up for restoration of uniformity of an emulsion. For vaccination there are used syringes (machine guns, semiautomatic devices) which will are sterilized by boiling within 20 minutes. Use of disposable syringes is allowed.

Shelf life is 18 months when stored in a dry dark place at temperature from +2 to +8°C within the expiration date