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“CVO” is a service for veterinary and livestock production of poultry and livestock enterprises. We managed to take a firm position in this segment of the market and acquire many partners. Our motto is high standards of service, impeccable quality and a wide range of products.We guarantee that we will do our best to ensure the steady growth and development of your business. The best indicator of the quality of our work is the success of our partners.

The assortment of goods offered by our company is carefully controlled in specialized in laboratories for compliance with Russian and international quality standards. All goods are registered and certified in accordance with Russian requirements.Our company focuses on the safety of quality and high efficiency of products.

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One of the main principles of the “Veterinary Support Center” is the high speed of responding to customer requests. The whole range of products is in our warehouses, which allows us to create orders in the shortest possible time and deliver them to different parts of the country.

“Veterinary Support Center” offers a wide range of products in which you will find the necessary products at the best price. We are working on expanding the product catalog taking into account the wishes of our customers and the trends in the development of Russian and foreign agriculture.

Our consultants are ready to answer all your questions and help at any time.

“The Center for Veterinary Support” is focused on long-term and productive cooperation, so we offer our customers moderate prices for all our products. Corporate customers are provided with the most favorable terms of delivery.